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Launch the robot

Here is where the fun begin. You can select successful robots created by other users for binary options trading. You can use default settings. The best feature is that you can specify your own configuration. Yes. You can pick a successful robot and customise it to your needs. Remember to test it first before you use a real money.


Create your own robot

You can create a robot that will execute trades, based on algorithms which has been specified by you. There are 2 options: simple by using ‘constructor’ or more sophisticated and complex option which has been designed for advanced traders.

Test your robot

And here is even more fun! Every single parameter can be tested using historical data. Then you can modify or add parameter and test it again until you get the best results. You can even build a few robots for different market conditions.

Use of successful robots created by other binary options traders – example.

It is easy to trade by using robots!

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Wizard Videos and ‘CONSTRUCTOR’ videos

It is easy to trade by using robots!

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What is IQ ROBOTS?

IQ Robots is a service that makes it possible to create and use binary robots. Robot is an algorithm that uses sophisticated and cold calculation based on mathematics and various other data. You are then not exposed to psychological factors (fear, impulsiveness, excitement, ect.).

Everything is for free

The IQ Robots platform is fully transparent and for free. First you have to create a successful robot. Then robot is automatically saved in the general catalog.


Why the robots are for free?

The iqoption robot platform do not charge money from market traders. Using creating and testing robots are for free. If your robot is successful, it is automatically saved in the general robots catalog. The robot customisation is visible to its author only. It is not possible to make changes to the results of the trading robot. Statistics are transparent and final.